Rumor Suggest IPhone 5 Won’t Run iOS 5.0 Upon Release Date

New rumors regarding the starting production line of the Apple iPhone 5, including that of speculation regarding iOS 5 and whether it will be included in the final release which is expected to be announced in the near future.

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KingPin4167d ago

so why dont they just delay the phone till iOS5 is ready and release a complete product?....

oh yeah, this is apple we talking about...MILK MILK MILK!!!

drdistracto7074166d ago

It'd be a free update, how is that milking?

wouldn't milking be more like keeping the iPhone 4 out longer to make a last quick buck before moving on? At least they waited an extra few months instead of releasing a new model on the year like they have since 2006

KingPin4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

so you would buy the car with the last models engine in it and then later go in for the free engine upgrade......yeeeeeaaaahhhh didnt think so.

drdistracto7074166d ago

That's a bad metaphor, that's like saying your new iPhone didn't come with a new processor

KingPin4165d ago

hmmmmm, its not. u thinking hardware only - im thinking complete product.

the os runs the phone. <the engine runs the car>
and old os does the job <an old engine does the job>
the new os does the job better <the new engine does the job better>

you might wanna go and collect your school fees. your stupidity hasn't improved :)

drdistracto7074165d ago

Now you are resorting to insulting me, I think that shows a fair lack of confidence in your own argument. An OS update requires a usb cord and 20 minutes.

An engine upgrade means taking it to the shop. The metaphor would be better if you were to say you bought a GPS for your car and needed to get new maps on it. Or replace the car radio, or the upholstery. Buying a phone and then needing to upgrade to an OS is no worse than a launch day update for a video game, yet nobody complains about that.

You are merely exaggerating the issue because it's Apple were talking about (and anything that gives you ammunition against evil, evil Apple is an opportunity).

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R6ex4167d ago

Who cares!

I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 'coz I miss the Stylus!

yezz4167d ago

good luck with your giant mini tablet..

fatstarr4167d ago

yes again who cares, apple could re release ios 1.1 on the iphone 5 and people would just throw their money in the air to the apple vac that sucks away all cash.

caseh4167d ago

apple vac lmao, have a bubble!

TwistedMetal4167d ago

why dont they announce the phone already with specs and such. No other phone waits forever to show the phone. They are loosing money because most people are tired of waiting and didnt jump on iphone 4 because it was out for a long time already. These people are just saying screw it im gonna get a beast of a droid phone and waste up there new contract discount on phones.

waiting forever to show a phone is no longer cute.