Toshiba is bringing a no glasses required 3D HDTV to the market

If you are interested in a 3D TV for your home but hate the idea of having to invest in a set of glasses for everyone who walks through the door, Toshiba has a solution for you. The company has debuted a 55-inch 3D TV that can be viewed from a wide range of viewing angles, without the use of 3D glasses.

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Crazay2693d ago

I haven't tried any of these "No glasses required" sets yet, but how good can/does it really look? The new Nintendo failed miserably. I love 3D TV and will be getting ne soon I hope. I'm not so against the glasses if it helps the 3D pop that much better.

psyxon2693d ago

I agree. I haven't had the chance to try a glasses-free set, but I'm not against the glasses if it accounts for a richer, more immersive viewing (or playing) experience.

fr0sty2691d ago

You can expect lower resolutions, a less pronounced 3D effect, and banding if you move your head at all while viewing the image.

Mnemonic-DK2690d ago

This reviewer agrees with you, calling it a "mixed blessing"

gw4k2691d ago

I'm just not interested in the 3d aspect. I don't like it. It's just me!

mcstorm2691d ago

Look forward to seeing how this looks as im not a fan of putting glasses on to watch tv. I like the way it works on the 3DS but with it only having 1 viewing angle it makes hard work when 2 people are looking at the screen. Ive been waiting on upgrading my 40" HD tv until glassless 3d tv is out so if this impresses ill wait another 12 months for the technology to improve and ill pick my self one up.

etowntwo2691d ago

And THIS is why I haven't upgrade to a 3Dtv yet.

Awesome news ti say the least

tarbis2691d ago

The glasses are only annoying when you're already wearing correction glasses. But I don't mind wearing them at all.
Price is the only thing that sets people back from buying one.
Hoping for lower priced 3DTVs in the future. I can wait, much like how I waited for HDTV prices to drop.

Legion2684d ago

I have a household of 6 and the annoyance is directly related to my pocket and how much money I would need to let everyone watch TV.

And that doesn't include inviting friends and relatives over to view.

When they make a quality 3D TV that doesn't need an outside source for viewing then count me in. Maybe something like “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury.

RockmanII72690d ago

Hopefully this makes the glasses 3DTV's cheaper

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