Top Android Tablets Coming This Fall

HackSlurp writes - "You must have been hearing about different tablets shown at the IFA. Here is a roundup of all the tablets which are expected to come the fall of 2011.

Some of these tablets are going to be in market in a week time. So if you were planning to buy an android tablet you should hold your horses a little while longer !

However, waiting for these to come down to $99 will not be a good idea."

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gw4k4168d ago

Sony is really dropping the ball here and has been for a long time. Hands on with their devices have been really poor. Sounds like a plastic hunk.

I'm interested in the Samsung G.Tab.

I do think this list is missing the Barnes and Noble Nook 2 though.

altairahmad4168d ago

This list is for the TOP android tablets...specs wise nook 2 wont make it that far maybe...just a guess

gw4k4168d ago

The Nook is an Android Tablet.

altairahmad4168d ago

"'TOP' Android Tablets Coming This Fall" - :) :):)

gw4k4168d ago

Haha Fair enough! :-)

altairahmad4168d ago

"'TOP' Android Tablets Coming This Fall" - :) :)