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Can Facebook Find a Hit with Music? Probably Not

PC World - We've heard a lot about Facebook's musical ambitions over the past year with not a peep coming from Facebook on its' actual plans. Now comes fresh speculation from the website Mashable that claim Facebook is prepping a music service to go live September 22 at the F8 developers conference held in San Francisco.

-Mezzo-4617d ago

With such a big audience any service they bring will be a HIT.

gw4k4614d ago

That isn't true. Their coupon/deals launch completely bombed and has been killed.

blacktiger4615d ago

that's why Facebook Deals was SHUT DOWN, because people don't trust facebook when it coems to money, since Facebook is the worse, when it comes to privacy issue, sure google and other companies can be bad in privacy, but at least they are professional,

Facebook selling data information to advertisement thats wrong.
Facebook have photo recognition, that's scary for ladies.

Facebook won't be successful other then being free!
Sooner or later they need to think before Google+ plays their style in winning Privacy! Because Google learns very quick, everytime they make mistake!


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