FTG Review: Plantronics GameCom X40 (Gaming Headset)

"While sniffing around at PAX Prime for a headset manufacturer to provide gaming headsets for Operation Supply Drop charity care packages, I stumbled across the Plantronics booth. I had never heard of the organization, but within a few days of PAX, I’d already talked to three other game nerds who either had 1) heard of them or 2) had one of their headsets already."- Shanghai Six

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SITH4651d ago

Plantronics has been riding that NASA train for too long. They should get with the curve of current audio tech. 2 channel audio! Sad.

toaster4651d ago

I've always been a fan of Plantronics but yeah I agree that they should update their headphones with more recent stuff. Still though if you want the best of the best the only option as far as I'm concerned is Sennheiser, they make some really great stuff.


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Plantronics launch a bunch of new audio equipment

Plantronics today launched the holiday shopping season with its most expansive consumer product launch to date with eight products across the BackBeat FIT, BackBeat GO and RIG PRO lines.

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Plantronics announce new headsets ahead of Gamescom

Plantronics, the audio pioneer and communications technology leader, today announced the RIG 300 Series and RIG 400 PRO HC gaming headsets, delivering superior immersive, lightweight and durable audio engagement.

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