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Sony's new products doomed to mediocrity

MSNBC writes:
Sony just revealed a flank of products intended to help the beleaguered brand retake the personal electronics world. The trouble is, it all adds up to a pretty weak play.

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gaffyh4176d ago

I would actually LOVE to get one of these headsets, my only issue is that it costs way too much. If they're cheap in 10 years time, I'm sure they would catch on.

PirosThe4th4175d ago

Even if its like $1000... I'd get one..

gaffyh4175d ago

It's only $700 I think.

xTruthx4175d ago

Weird... y would a Microsoft owned site talk bad about sony's new product?

norman294175d ago

because its MS, they have to talk about something if their not smaktalking.....oh wait...carryon

frelyler4175d ago

Hmmmm, msnbc is partially owned by microsoft. Someone a little jealous? I hate articles like this. Regardless of who makes what let's hold off on making play calls until the product is actually in the market place. The same could be said about every single android based tablet. Go back to taking away cheap laptops for poor children in third world countries m$ because that is what you do best, screw people over.

kaveti66164174d ago

msnbc gave negative reviews of kinect.

Ulf4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

...said the MS website. LoL.

FReeDoM4ALL4175d ago

Beleaguered brand?

Did I just transport back to 2007? I haven't seen a dooms day Sony article in a while. But this, like all the articles in 2007, is just another sensationalist article designed to grab hits.

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The story is too old to be commented.