Top Apps To Download Torrents Directly On Android Device

HackSlurp Reports : "Torrents are used by everyone everywhere. Though they are usually invisibly linked to the term ‘illegal’ by many but many argue this notion and consider them perfectly fine. You are getting free stuff. Why should you care ? Or Should you ? Debate continues.

A little while back there wasn’t any torrent application for android device. uTorrent released their remote control app where you could only see the state of your torrent that you are already downloading on your computer. It only allowed the most basic functions like pause, resume and download percentage etc.

With tablets in the wild, things have changed. Stuff which android could do was not explored because no one cared about doing it on a small device really. But with tablets, the possibilities and demand emerged.

Here are top apps to download torrents directly on your Android device."

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toaster2698d ago

I use the uTorrent remote and it's really awesome, you can even add torrents. I don't get torrent apps on mobile though.. it would take a while to download and it's not like I'm connected to Wifi all the time to be able to take advantage of the capacity needed to download a torrent.