CyanogenMod Team Gets Android Working On HP TouchPad

Techcrunch - "There have been a flurry of efforts in recent days aimed at getting a workable version of Android up-and-running on the webOS-based HP TouchPad. The mission has been funded in part by modding community called HackNMod, which is hoping to give the tablet’s early adopters an operating system with a more certain future: Android."

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IronFist4174d ago

Been thinking of getting this now that it's getting hacked, seems to be a lot better for it too.

toaster4173d ago

I'm getting one soon just to mess around with even though I already have a Transformer.

Shackdaddy8364171d ago

Good luck finding them. Since they're really cheap now, it's almost impossible to find one. The team who hacked the pad even said the hardest part was acquiring one.