To The WebOS Community: Keep Your Eyes on QNX

theBitFix writes: WebOS may not be technically dead, but it may as well be as far as we can see. It's been a long up and down road for the OS so many of us love, but it may be time for loyalty to give way to reason.

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Popular Node.js Frameworks for developing Web Applications

Based on the current market trends, There is need to choose the best Node.js Web Application framework. Curious to know in detail about the Popular Node.js Frameworks? Let's read in detail...

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LG webOS 3.0 is coming to CES with loads of free content and features

LG has announced it will showcase the latest version of its webOS smart TV platform at the biggest consumer tech show of the New Year.

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HP to Stick a Fork in webOS, Preps Complete Shutdown of Services on January 15, 2015

Maximum PC: Palm had a potential winner in webOS, the mobile operating system that truly could have been awesome. Unfortunately, a series of missteps led to webOS falling out of relevance as Android and iOS raced to the front of the pack, so now all we can do is look back at what might have been. Oh, and make no mistake, webOS is pretty much history at this point -- so much so that HP announced plans to shut down its App Catalog and cloud services support for remaining webOS devices effective January 15, 2015. For the three or four of you who this affects, mark your calendars.

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