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ASUS MARS II With Matrix GTX580 is The Fastest Single Graphics Card on The Market

The ASUS MARS II has hit stores and so far reviews have been more than pleasing for gamers. HotHardware said the dual GTX 580-packing card was “quite simply the fastest single graphics card we have ever tested, bar none.” Similar responses have appeared from all other reviewers.

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toaster4180d ago

My gawd this card is a beast. I would love to have one :D there are only 999 being manufactured and I guess only filthy rich ultra nerds can afford them... :(

BubbleSniper4179d ago

yikes... 600 watts all by itself? awesome card to say the very least but that kind of juice is a no-no. and I am someone to likes to spend on PC parts...

EdwardS0874178d ago

I think these because-we-can-cards suck. They're hot, loud, thirsty and pricey. I run an eyefinity setup and can max any game with to high end cards in CF (*2 6970's). Either that or 2 GTX580SLI is better than this.

toaster4178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

Actually with this card you'd be surprised. ASUS really worked their magic on this card. As far as I've seen it's FASTER than 580SLI and 6970CFX, cooler on idle and load and marginally quieter or the same as 580SLI/6970CFX config. The only ultra crazy things about it are price and power consumption but those aren't surprising. If you have money to buy this card then you have money to buy a proper PSU anywho. I think ASUS recommends 1000W for this badboy but that is a hell of a lot, I'm willing to bet a proper 80+Gold 850 unit will power it just fine.

EdwardS0874177d ago

I'm still on a quest to max every game, full AA in an Eyefinity/multi-display scenario (res 5940*1080) . I have a 5870 gpu atm; it performs admirably even at high settings. But to have all the eyecandy, I need a crossfire/SLI setup (I'm an ATI/AMD guy). I think I'll just get two 6970's, and upgrade when the high-end 7xxx cards arrive next year...