Cook given 1 million share bonus as Apple CEO

Following this week's management change at the very top of Apple, the company's board has awarded new Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook with a hefty bonus.

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altairahmad2608d ago

52million + 5million + 383 million...why would he need 800K yearly salary with these benefits ??

theonlylolking2606d ago

I think the US government should mega tax big companies because they overpay some of the higher peeps and treat lower employees like crap.

thebudgetgamer2606d ago

what do you think the us government does.

theonlylolking2606d ago


I heard they dont do that.

lalalala2606d ago

Government's tend to tax companies at a relatively low rate because they don't want them to build stuff abroad. Low tax = more jobs for people in that country because the factory is making money etc.

halocursed2606d ago

Yeah, don't give any incentive to people who reach the top of the pile and work harder than others.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2606d ago

yeah....yes men, and people who will step on and stab any individual who gets in the way of their promotion totally deserve to make as much money as several small countries total gdp...

Rashonality2606d ago

Now That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball