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When it comes to tech, Apple’s the best of “British”

Which? Convo's Patrick Steen: If I asked you to think of a modern British technology brand, I expect you’d struggle. America and Japan are at the top of the tech tree, with brands like Apple grabbing Britons’ hearts more than anything home-grown.

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BubbleSniper4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

sad times we're in. sad, sad times.

thebudgetgamer4682d ago

apple is huge everywhere, with good reason. they make great products people want.

techie4682d ago

I think it's more than that - it's a mystic about Apple. They create hype by being secretive. They don't shout about things - Jobs just goes on the stage and says 'And another thing...' then announces a new product. It's self-perpetuating hype

Shackdaddy8364682d ago

I also think the look they have to their hardware is a good selling point. I think everyone will agree that the solid aluminum case of a macbook looks sexy. If they made a "PC" with a pure aluminum case then I would buy it right away.

techie4682d ago

Interesting top three: Apple, Sony, Microsoft. In the most important brands overall, Apple comes top, followed by Sony, then M&S, Tesco, Cadbury and then Microsoft.

RockmanII74682d ago

That's because whenever a company comes close to them in Europe they just sue them.

dkgshiz4682d ago

They have been around for more then 35 years. They are no fad.


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sonicwrecks114d ago

I've fixed the images on some of these past submissions of yours. Please in the future make sure the image isn't broken on submission.( I always found it best to download/upload it to be honest. )