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Verizon Asks Obama to Stop Apple From Killing Android With Suits

Move would force a handful of cases out of the ITC and into the traditional court system

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jerethdagryphon4182d ago

apples patents are rediculous hey basically patented a black rectangle.... this patent nonsense on vauge ideas needs to stop the entire copyright law needs reweritten

Crazyglues4182d ago

This war is stupid, but I understand why Apple is doing it, it's because this is what these companies do, look at how Samsung tried to sue apple to stop iPad 2 sales and demanded to see iPad 3 specs in court... LoL

This is just what these companies do, and they call it competing, using dirty tactics... So Apple fights back using the same dirty tactics, but now all of a sudden it's a foul, and we need to call the president.. LoL

So they fight in design, they fight in consumer sales and they fight in the courts...

I don't know why the hell they are calling Obama for this, Don't you think the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Of AMERICA has a little bit more important stuff on his plate to worry about...

zero_cool4182d ago

it won't matter how many times a law is rewritten because for every law rewritten or written many more or so are broken.

rmedtx8884182d ago

Apple is turning in the smart phone industry as evil as MS has been with PC OS market when it comes to giving other business the opportunity to compete in the market. We should boycott their products.

astar1234567894182d ago

if the patents get approved by the us then the other companies need to deal with it,

_Q_4182d ago

Its the governing body's fault. Its inexcusable how vague some of these patents are.They shouldnt be getting passed Apple needs to show more class and continue to complete. Android isnt iOS and touch screens are not new by any stretch. Apple needs to continue to compete and stop pot shotting with lawsuits.. Monster cable anyone?

Revvin4182d ago

Samsung sue Apple, Apple sue Samsung. Its all corporate strategy to try and deny a rival sales. They are as bad as each other.