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Android vs. iPhone: Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems

The topic of smartphone operating systems can be as divisive as politics or the Mac vs. PC debate. (Just add snide comments about dropped calls.)

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duplissi4179d ago

I don't think this is very accurate.... In my experience I've found that most android users would associate with most of the ios atrributes , myself included....

btw my "full featured" device is most certainly NOT ugly lol...

KingPin4178d ago

well, personally speaking, i think Apple products are just for status only. There are many products out there that beat apples products hands down.

when it comes to the droid vs ios battles i think droid wins purely because its open and leaves room for innovation for people who have the technical know-how and skills available. Apple on the other hand, stifle and restrict its users to the point where they can control everything.