Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

In a shocking development out of Cupertino, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has stepped down, the board naming Tim Cook as his replacement. The company said "Steve's extraordinary vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to its position as the world's most innovative and valuable technology company."

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Michael-Jackson2702d ago

Incoming shares are dropping. Apple won't be the same. Sadly, If I had to guess I would say his cancer returned.

Septic2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

No more Human Centipad yes!!!!

Cat2702d ago

Feel bad for Steve and his family, I would guess his health is declining - Tim Cook has been running things at Apple for some time now, so at least there's no big shake-up there.

Madusha2702d ago

Will miss his great presentations.

Speed-Racer2702d ago

Apple is dead. Steve was an innovator when he didn't rip off his customers with incremental releases.

snoop_dizzle2702d ago

They likely aren't dead. Cook is a pretty good leader and has been part of Apple for a while. Spelling doom right now is bit early. Jobs also still has say in the company just not as CEO.

However, that doesn't mean Apple will necessarily stay the same course in the long term.

Speed-Racer2702d ago

But what did he really come up with in the ideas department. Being a good leader is one thing but Steve is the guy with the groundbreaking ideas at his corporation.

ngecenk2701d ago


do you really think it was all Jobs ideas? I doubt it. he's just being innovative (and brave), and Im sure Cook can be the same.

even if cook failed, with all the cash they got, it will take years before apple collapse

snoop_dizzle2702d ago

I don't necessarily disagree, but they have stuck with a formula that has worked pretty well for a long time. Now in 5 or ten years, that could be a different story. But they are hardly dead.

Speed-Racer2702d ago

For now they are fine. With the apple cult and uninformed still existing in high proportions, they can push incremental releases as brand new products and people will easily buy it, but there will come a point where something totally new will be needed to keep up.

fatstarr2701d ago

I need to make a well written blog post of my g+ comment. apple is secretly being forced down our throats.

-In ads
-tv shows

its brainwashing

snoop_dizzle2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Yeah, but they still have access to some of the best engineers and designers in the out there. Like Apple or not, they keep other companies in check from simply making low quality crap (which some still do). Over time that will lessen, though. I hardly see that as them becoming obsolete. Likely just on par with their competition. Again my disagreement is that they are dead, lol.

This doesn't mean Apple is the sole souce of quality hardware/software by any means, but I'd take their products over most stuff out there (I'd love to see more companies put a lot more effort in their products, and I generally buy from companies who do), and many would as well. Although, you are correct that they do have a massive cult following who will buy their products regardless.

Strange_Evil2701d ago

You cannot say that a company as big as Apple will fall overnight just cause it loses it's CEO. Cook has been as involved, in fact the past year, Steve has hardly been at Apple with his Cancer and other ailments and Apple's boasted it's best Quarter compared to last year and iPad 2 and iPhone 4 are a roaring success.

Besides, he is still a chairman and will have his valuable inputs for the future.

With that said, Steve, Love him or Hate him, was the most influential CEO of the last decade bringing Apple from virtually nowhere to a point where it's one of the biggest company out there. It will be hard to fill such massive shoes...

I still remember some of his best lines... "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish...". Hope he gets well soon if the cancer has re-appeard and God bless him.

halocursed2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I wonder what other market is left to capture anyways...they basically own the tablet, iPod and high end(hipster) laptop market. The iPhone is not going anywhere either.

I think they are safe for another few years, but yeah going forward and Jobs himself not being present at the keynotes will definitely affect sales.

fatstarr2701d ago

Always in agreement with you.

apple is gonna go down hill eventually what goes up must come down.

Speed-Racer2701d ago

@ngecenk - at the end of the day, he was the one to make the calls on what made the cut and what didn't, unlike a lot of other companies that release products without ceo approval. at the same time, steve did come up with a lot of trashy stuff, but i guess when he came with something good, he came in with a big bang.

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