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Microsoft hits 30,000 apps twice as fast as Android, same as iOS

Microsoft launched the Windows Phone Marketplace back in November 2010. Today they revealed on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, that they are very close to pass 30,000 apps.

Windows Phone Marketplace is growing almost as fast as Apple’s App Store did, which reached 30,000 apps in about 8 months. For comparison, Google’s Android Market used nearly 17 months to reach the same milestone.

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_Q_4182d ago

30,000 apps for the five people who own em? Nice MS. Im being jaded of course. Its a shame to see this kind of effort but into such a meh OS and we have WebOS(a better mobile OS)dying without anyone noticing.

Lazy_Sunday4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

Wow, that's a lot of apps. What device are they for again? Oh yeah, the Windows Mobile Blackberry rip-offs? No? Then what? Oh, they have a Windows phone? Yeah, I remember hearing about one of those... All of my friends and everyone I know has iPhones and Androids though.

RazMaTaz01214179d ago

Ummm So? 30,000 apps, and still only 5-6 phones on the market? Its getting overshadowed by android,blackberry and apple. MS, I think the OS is great, but if you think Nokias involvement is gonna do anything to competition, you are dreaming, just like Nokia did with Symbian.