Samsung Galaxy Smarthphones officially banned in Europe

Apple has many lawsuits against Samsung. The court in The Hague has said Samsung is guilty on infringing 1 patent of Apple, which causes that the Samsung Galaxy S, S II and Ace are banned in Europe.

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Anarki4178d ago

What the?? this is going too far.

blackhammer4177d ago


The world is too afraid to report it.

zerocrossing4177d ago

apple are the ones who should get their products removed, what they did is outrageous!

zag4177d ago

I don't understand how the Hague court can ban something across the whole of Europe, the German court which banned the something got over ruled by the high German court as they can't do a EU wide ban of a non EU made product.

I don't think that is what even that web page has on it as the translation is very bad half way through I would say it might cause Samsung products to be stopped but unsure really.

This wouldn't have hit the courts yet anyway as I think it was a 28th or Aug date which means a sept 13th ban date.

It's only the 26th now.

ChickeyCantor4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Lots of international distribution in Europe go trough Dutch settlements.
That is why the Dutch court is allowed to ban a product trough all of Europe.

WitWolfy4177d ago

Take it a certain company got jealous seeing people probably choose Samsung's cheaper phone over theirs... What ever happened to healthy competition?

Blaine4177d ago

Healthy competition never existed in the world of business.

And this is pathetic. Fuck Apple.

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The story is too old to be commented.