Can food last forever? New food preservative invented: Bisin

We have all had the unfortunate olfactory experience of opening a bad pack of meat, a spoiled jug of milk or a rotten carton of eggs. Thousands of pounds of food are wasted every year due to spoilage. Additionally, thousands of cases of food poisoning occur every year due to food poisoning caused by bacteria like due to bacteria like E. coli and salmonella, leading to hundreds of serious hospitalizations around the country.

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jony_dols4179d ago

Yay just what we need, another added perserative to give me cancer 10 years down the line!

thereapersson4179d ago

Not to over-buy; better planning is needed on everyone's behalf when it comes to food. We don't need more preservatives, we need to think smarter and use what we are given in a reasonable time frame. Fresh food isn't meant to last more than a certain while. If you want an extended shelf-life, learn how to can or jar your own food.

b163o14178d ago

Agreed........preservatives are deadly

xTruthx4178d ago

Watching the movie food matters will show you how bad preservatives are. Really good movie everyone should watch it.

theonlylolking4178d ago

Did you people even read? The preservative is whats found in the human body, YOUR BODY.

The only negative affect it could have would be having your body produce LESS of that chemical.

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shammgod4178d ago

I can't imagine this being good for you