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China Overtakes US in PC Sales Earlier Than Expected

PC World - China overtook the U.S. in both PC sales and shipments in the second quarter, according to research firm IDC.

China's PC sales reached US$11.9 billion, while U.S. PC sales fell behind to $11.7 billion. For shipments, China saw a 14.3 percent increase to 18.5 million units year-over-year. But in the U.S., PC shipments dropped by 4.9 percent to 17.7 million units.

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jacksheen00004184d ago

Ma said, you must be Jamaican mon. just joking,ma said!

Well it Seems to me that China is definitely on their way to become the super power of the world.

theonlylolking4183d ago

Everyone can thank the USA for that.

fatstarr4183d ago


its " Me seh yu mus ah been ah Jamaican mon me seh me ah just joke yu see"

Lol thats how a Jamaican would say it or thats how it really sounds.
source > I know because i know

jacksheen00004183d ago

I hear ya xD

I thought perhaps the writer was from Jamaica.

So where does the word (ma said) come from? That if you know of course.

fatstarr4183d ago

lol its the name of the guy saying the quotes,

Ma said
Ma added

fatstarr4183d ago

China 300 billion people, usa less than 400million people it surprises me that we kept up for so long.

laid2rest4183d ago

I think you meant china 1.3billion and usa 307million people.

ChickeyCantor4182d ago

300 billion people; people either live in cities with sky scrapers blacking out the lower sectors. Or they would need to build cities on water.

300 billion = 50 * earths population.

fatstarr4182d ago

lol i was saying it as a joke that china has has a population infinitely greater than ours.

ChickeyCantor4182d ago

Just putting things in perspective.

I'm glad it's 1.3 not 300 xD

BubbleSniper4183d ago

destroy most of our politicians and force big corporations to to finally pay taxes. overhaul the educational system, stop the war on drugs, legalize marijuana, promote farming... ahhh... one can dream............

ChrisW4182d ago

Despite China's race for global economic domination, it'll still have +70% of its population living in poverty conditions for generations to come.

ChickeyCantor4182d ago

As that may be, I really do not see America's poverty go away for generations to come.

So go china?

ChrisW4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Yeah, but only 13.5% of Americans live in poverty.

**Oh and let me add, that +70% of Chinese is a gestimate based on the GDP per capita. If you were to base it on regional or rural cost of living, it's only 3.7% (or so a Chinese government source says).