Software Piracy - The Untold Tales [Infographic]

In 1966 the first software patent was granted! The very wordy: "A computer arranged for the automatic solution of linear programming problems."

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MikeonTV4180d ago

Kind of scary how much is pirated!

fatstarr4180d ago

great history lesson. hahaha

microsoft gets pirated like crazy same with adobe.

for me i admit it i got a copy of cs3 i dont use photoshop but once a year it doesnt justify the 400$+ price tag.

Yi-Long4179d ago

... if you're not in the graphic design industry or whatever, and you're not using it to earn your money, but just for casual use, then yeah, you'd be crazy to pay insane amounts of money on software like Adobe...

... and if you ARE in the industry, it's probably deductable by tax or your boss will pick up the check, which is part of the reason why the software is so crazy expensive in the first place.

Horny Melon4180d ago

There is no such thing as piracy. What it is, is a market meaning software, music, movies, games, etc. Now has an infinite supply and has an effective distribution cost of the supply/demand curve this means it has an effective value of zero. Media companies mismanaged budding technologies in the 90s which is why they are where they are at today. Nothing in this world says that your product will continue to be profitable till the end of time.