Google, Yahoo, Amazon Apparently Bidding on Hulu

Gadgehit writes: "Hulu, the popular video service, has announced that it is up for acquisition, and that it would start accepting initial bids by Wednesday this week. Several big names have been interested in Hulu, including Microsoft, but sources close to the company say that Google, Yahoo, Amazon and DirecTV are all keen to make a bid."

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IronFist2618d ago

The bidding is going to MUCH higher than that. Though, Google actually is the one that least needs it cos they have Youtube.

gaffyh2618d ago

I think Yahoo would probably benefit the most, they need a good video player.

Shackdaddy8362618d ago

Google will probably win it too...

webaddict2618d ago

I really wish companies could just stand on their own these days without being gobbled up and folded into monsters.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2618d ago

If amazon would pick this up and bundle it with the Amazon prime for 80 bucks a year, I would definitely buy into it. Hulu is not bad, the extra stuff that could be threw into it with amazon primes selection plus the fast shipping would be great for us.

Now if only hulu would lift the damn computer use restrictions in place on the iphone/ps3 apps to allow us to watch everything hulu offers and I would get rid of dish network. I would be willing to pay more for hulu+ if they opened up all their titles to the streaming devices.

gaffyh2618d ago

The fact that none of these services are worldwide is just stupid though, I know there are licensing issues, but there is NO decent TV show provider like Hulu in the UK. If they expanded here, they would make so much money.