Hexus: ASUS ROG Dual GTX 580 MARS II graphics card review

Hexus writes:

"We classify graphics cards in three broad categories. Low-end cards provide a reasonable boost in performance over integrated graphics and can, with low-detail settings, play most modern games at a 720p resolution.

Mid-range cards, usually costing between £100-£200, offer significantly more power, enabling you to run a 1080p resolution with decent image-quality settings.

Spend a bank-busting £500 and the very best GPUs become available. Right now, AMD headlines its graphics-card act with the fearsome Radeon HD 6990 4GB monster, while NVIDIA also goes for the twin-GPU approach with its GeForce GTX 590 3GB. Both produces lusty frame-rates at an exotic 2,560x1,600-pixel resolution and vie for the title of world's fastest graphics card.

While our benchmarks show the AMD Radeon HD 6990 to be the (slightly) faster card of the two behemoths, one can make a case for NVIDIA's beastie if you only play certain games

ASUS wants to settle this 'who-is-fastest' argum...

meetajhu4630d ago

Next gen low end Nvidia kepler gpu will demolish this. Dual gpus fail anyday

bumnut4630d ago

£1149 ????!!!!!!!!!

Looks like an amazing card if you have money to burn, but im more than happy with my 2 x 570's.

I only paid £900 for my car!

Jocosta4630d ago

AMD Radeon HD 6990 any day, this is a beast but the minimal gains do not justify the price.


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