Google Street View Going to the Amazon Jungle

Gadgehit writes: "Google has announced that it is taking it’s Street View cameras to the Amazon Rainforest in an attempt to raise awareness for a sustainable Amazon."

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IronFist4632d ago

I don't get it, how exactly are you going to be able to search a location? It's all the same in the amazon isn't it?

gaffyh4632d ago

I think it's mainly going to be images of the river section.

dude_meister4632d ago

Most...pointless...thing...eve r.

/comic book guy voice.

Shackdaddy8364631d ago

I don't think so. I live in a very big biking town. We have more trails than we do streets so it would be nice if I can look for a good bike path to take and see what kind of things I would be able to see.

theonlylolking4631d ago

Google should do something more useful and make a super ocean water purification plant and sell the water and salt to different companies to use and donate some water to poor people.


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Samsung's Galaxy S25 is set to elevate Google AI integration, extending to hardware depths.

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