How to Quit Facebook Without Quitting Facebook

Have you ever wanted to take a Facebook Fast? And just delete your account? Well, I just finished a 30 day Facebook Fast from my Facebook Wall. I went into my privacy settings and shut down the wall.

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Peachi2620d ago

This just makes me think of G+ blowing Facebook.

webaddict2620d ago

Haha, this picture is perfect. :P I would possibly try this 30 Day Facebook fast... wouldn't miss it much.

TinyTony2620d ago

Accurate depiction. Ironically, about 600M people partake in nose candy activities on a daily basis.

fatstarr2620d ago

meh i love havin somethin to do on the internet.

google + is loosin the buzz for me. but i will continue to use it.

smurfz2620d ago

I still enjoy Google+ especially since they added Angry Birds. I think the games will lower their bounce rate as well as increase time on site significantly.

StbI9902619d ago

You are not circling the right people is the buzz offing on you... time to renew the circling thingy.

The Killer2619d ago

what a pathetic image was used to represent facebook! why with drugs?

the who ever submitted this, he is just promoting drugs!

its bad!!!

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