ATI /AMD Radeon Catalyst 11.8 drivers now available for download

AMD has released Radeon Catalyst 11.8 drivers. In particular the new drivers will bring significant performance improvements to Black Ops, Crysis 2 and FEAR 3.

Crazyglues4632d ago

Not really this seems to be an update for only people with crossfire... I just have a single 6970 card and when I run the update software 11.7 nothing comes up to update..

so I went to the site and it said it was for some crossfire improvements so maybe it's not for us single card users..

-I'm not updating unless it pops up in my Catalyst Control Center ? I don't want to mess anything up since I am running really sweet right now..

KingLizzle4632d ago (Edited 4632d ago )

CCC isn't particularly reliable for picking up updates as soon as they're out. I always download manually. I've installed 11.8 for my 5770 and everything is working fine.

Not sure where you've got the crossfire info from but if you check out the release notes there are just a few bug fixes which apply to crossfire setups. The majority of it relates to both single or dual cards. All of the major performance improvements apply to your single 6970 card, so you'd be better off updating.

Crazyglues4632d ago


Thanks for the feedback, I have now updated to 11.8 and everything is running smooth and nice.. I guess I was reading the wrong thing.. so thanks again

It's all running sweet now.. Crysis 2 runs sweet..

The Matrix4633d ago

I just purchased a radeon last week. Does the catalyst program automatically download drivers?

zag4633d ago

yes, I updated a week or 2 ago came up itself.

does a 1 week check

TitanUp4633d ago

no but under information you can check for software updates.


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