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Better cell phone battery life? Recapture wasted LCD backlighting

Researchers at the UCLA (University of California, Los Angleles) has combined solar cells with LCD screens in an effort to get more life out of the batteries on the otherwise power-intensive smart phones.

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Dwarf star 200 light-years away contains life’s building blocks

A UCLA-led team of scientists discovered a white dwarf star in the constellation Boötes whose atmosphere is rich in carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.

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micx2619d ago

I believe there's life beyond Earth, beyond our solar system. Quite often I wonder how would a civilisation far more advanced than human look. We have books, movies and similar, but that's all just our projections. Can it be alien if it's a product of our minds? I expect real aliens to look nothing like we imagined.


Astronomers make first accurate measurement of oxygen in distant galaxy

Quantifying the amount of oxygen is key to understanding how matter cycles in and out of galaxies.

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The Top 10 Hacks of 2015


While there are lots of advantages to living in the digital age, there are some things that make it an even more frightening time, such as the higher chances of having our personal information stolen. Unfortunately, there's only so much we can do to prevent ourselves. It can be a massive disruption if our information is compromised, especially if it's stolen from a company we've entrusted to keep our private data secure.

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WizzroSupreme3035d ago

The year we called 2015 sure was a minefield of hacks. Stay safe, Internet.

R6ex3033d ago

I'm signing up for a quality, paid VPN.