How Web Streaming Has Evolved Over Time

nostalgic look at the milestones in web streaming, who the major players are today and how much streaming content we consume now.

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webaddict4186d ago

Haha, Real Networks, are they even still alive? What happened to them. I use Netflix a lot now... dropped Cable TV.

fatstarr4186d ago

Real is still alive in someform, i used to use real player back way way back.

i remember the day youtube was launched i was slacking on the only computer in class. ppl noticed and were like whats that...

oh yes it was slow as hell... but interesting info graphic
some stats dont seem right and they got some stuff wrong but interesting ntl

fatstarr4186d ago

And also when im done with movin around im never gonna get cable.

imma have a hometop pc
a 3rd streaming option
and antenna to pick up the news.

25$ a month for fatstarrs cable service :D.