Google Willing to Pay $2.5 Billion if it Walks Away from Motorola Deal

Gadgehit writes: "A source close to the deal between Google and Motorola has confirmed that Google is willing to pay $2.5 billion, 20% of the value of the current deal, if it decides to walk away."

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gaffyh4010d ago

This is an insane amount of money, no wonder Motorola allowed it, because even if Google backs out they'll be loaded!

dude_meister4010d ago

Just shows how serious Google are about this smartphone business, because nobody expected them to do this.

Agent_hitman4010d ago

Does it mean that motorola is bankrupted?? Why google bought it?

dkgshiz4010d ago

Google probably is starting to see Motorola hasn't made a profit in ages. After their Razr phone it was a sad sight for 5+ years.

gaffyh4009d ago

Oh man, the Razr, that's so nostalgic

TwistedMetal4009d ago

lol motorola back in the day with the razor. back in the day all cellphones were garbage until iphone and android came along with the epicness.