Millenniata Announce New M-DISC Providing 1,000 Years of Permanent Data Storage

Gadgehit writes: "Millenniata Partners and Hitachi-LG Data Storage have announced a new type of disc that allows permanent data storage for up to 1,000 years. The technology uses laser-etching technology to “engrave” data into a disc so that it will not fade."

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dude_meister4584d ago

Too bad you need new drives, meaning this will completely fail.

IronFist4584d ago

Businesses will probably adopt it as a backup solution.

gaffyh4584d ago

I doubt it, it would be a massive security risk if someone misplaces the disc. With the current tape drive backups, they just overwrite the same backup and never move the drive, it's much safer.

Mr_Lu_Kim4583d ago


Just have to post that this website has taken a major dive of late when the top 5 hottest stories on here have 4 comments, then 2, 0, 0 and 0 respectively...

Move to a new site people.

tplarkin74583d ago

It seems like it would be smarter to simply transfer data to new media every ten years. Technology changes fast.


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LG Energy Solutions (yes, the LG that probably made your TV or monitor) signs its largest deal yet to arm Toyota electric cars with EV batteries.

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