This is bullet-proof human skin – made from spider silk and goat milk. Yes, really.

io9 - "Jalila Essaidi is testing the limits of human endurance, and it starts by having to milk spider-goats. Spider goats are otherwise innocent-looking goats that have been genetically engineered to produce milk packed with the protein made in spider's silk. (There is no definitive proof that this also gives them a propensity to skitter up walls or hide out in your sock drawer, but I think it does.)"

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The Matrix4186d ago

I'm glad this is in our future. Because obviously violence and war are never going to change.

theonlylolking4186d ago

Then you got these people who SEEM to think that war and violence will just disappear! Then they go on these rallies to stop war and violence but that aint going to do anything.

"If you wish for peace, prepare for war," from the Latin Si.

zerocrossing4186d ago

How about we just stop shooting each other? or is that just expecting to much.

Clayman4186d ago

War... War never changes...

webaddict4186d ago

Woah... I would buy this if the riots keep going. Keep me safe from the bullets!

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