FroogleGeek: A Sustainable Energy Plan That Doesn’t Suck

Cody from FroogleGeek: "We have been running out of oil ever since we first started drilling for it in Pennsylvania in 1859. This summer I saw gas prices well over $4 a gallon and I know people in other countries have seen much higher gas prices than that. The world needs to come up with a sustainable energy plan while we still have oil in the ground to use, if we wait until we’ve run out then it’s too late. Fortunately I have come up with a pretty solid outline on the technologies we need to focus on to achieve such a feat."

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Silicon carbide inverter could improve the economics of solar power

Silicon carbide can help convert direct current into alternating current with less energy consumption than existing inverters, improving the economics of solar power.

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Tesla and Australia will turn 50,000 homes into a virtual solar power plant

South Australia has once again teamed up with Tesla for a solution to their energy needs, this time to create a network of houses installed with solar power panels and batteries to create a renewable power grid.


Solar energy prices continue to plunge while coal prices climb higher

Solar power is taking root.

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