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Experts: OS X now much more secure than rivals

Macnn - "Consultants with several computer security firms say that Wednesday's release of Mac OS X Lion makes it "king of the jungle" in terms of mainstream operating system security, surging ahead of rivals such as Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux with very signifiant security overhauls throughout the OS, reports The Register, including a robust implementation of ALSR, sandboxing of vulnerable processes, and locking down web interactions."

fatstarr4633d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAH what a joke they can say what they want about that.

mac users = the biggest idiots on the internet
falling for internet scams and sending money to Nigerian princes for years.

I dont believe this especially combined with the userbase that has never been exposed to constant threat mac users got caught up in the virus a couple months ago. all this will do is cause false security and cause their idiots to go wild on the internet.

there are 5 people hacking mac vs the billions on windows... smh apple is tied to more black market scams and shady activities than the average person knows, apple knows about them and they dont care...

snoop_dizzle4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

I'd like to see some statistics on that? That sounds more like a immature vendetta more than anything, lol. :P

If you actually read the article, they are referring to Lion versus Snow Leopard security (primarily mentioning the issue Safari has had recently alongside other updates). At the same time, given that people aren't used to viruses, they might very well be more inclined to do certain things, but the point is, Lion seems to be a lot safer than earlier OS'es which is a good thing. Even so, they can always download virus software if they please.

fatstarr4633d ago

it is a mixture of both. my hate has become a vendetta good word for it :D.

but they do claim that they are ahead of windows 7 and linux is still a laugh to me i read the article and all of their new updates.

sure they fixed those flaws which were laughable to begin with like the vulnerabilities with their web browser and tons of security holes.

there are still itunes exploits lurking around that i am sure of. Give it time and we will see the headlines.

but in the end shouldn't a new os be safer in security to begin with?

snoop_dizzle4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

OSX will likely face more risks being that it is gaining market share. People discount the percentage because it looks low, but it actually is making some significant growth. They are a sizable minority and growing.

But I was also never under the impression that OSX was completely secure.

At the same time, I also find less people trying to exploit OSX an advantage. The same with Linux.

But yeah, a new OS should be safer, and this article seemed to simply be saying that.

fatstarr4633d ago

Yea I’d like to see the new trend reports. In the os standing for 2011 vs 2010.
Windows is still growing and apple is picking up as well in the os market.

but again my bad if its stereotyping but everyone is trying to do some music stuff and that's the first thing they push on you or tell you to get and people are falling for it. My little cuz is trying to be a rapper and that’s what they told him, me being me I stopped that right in the tracks.

Also where there is a growth there comes more types of people. if osx keeps growing at this rate the more people see the possibility for exploiting . From the people i know with macs, i know some of their passwords and ½ of them don’t even properly password protect their comps.

Josh114633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

@ Fatstarr, your stereotyping is ridiculous, I use a Mac and you can be sure I'll never be sending and money to Nigeria..

Having switched to Mac around a year ago I'm happy to say I prefer it a million times more than Windows in pretty much everyday, it's more efficient, faster, slicker, simpler and can I can do anything on it that I'd want to do on Windows (minus a very select few pieces of software).

As for Linux I appreciate it's open-source potential etc and while I'd find use for a Linux computer I'd certainly want my Mac around too.

People who just don't want to like OSX won't. Can't please the unpleaseable.

As for the virus a few months ago the only reason it was mentioned so much online is because it's so uncommon for so many Mac's to be infected by one virus.

Honestly, I've not had a single 3rd party anti-virus or similar installed since I've had OSX, not had a single issue, compare that to my power consuming anti virus equipped windows days, different story..

fatstarr4633d ago

I am the exact opposite, ive had classes where im forced to work with macs and i can say that I can crash em and freeze em just as bad if not worse than windows i don't believe the myths or the misconceptions with windows vs macs.

if you know how to maintain your computer and manage it windows is a beast. Unlike most haters I tried all the o's that's how i base what i say.

what ever i do on my home computer i go and do it on others. windows is pretty stable if you ask me, I changed the appearance and had the ability and power to tweak and do what i wanted.

the mac virus thing was mentioned online because the "virus free comp" its mentioned in multiple apple ads had so much of its user base infected.

Josh114632d ago

That's fair enough, even if Windows was equally as fast/efficient I'd still prefer Mac purely down to personal preference in OS.

Out of interest do you prefer Windows to Ubuntu or other Linux?

snoop_dizzle4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

The stereotyping will vary too from person to person based on the people around them. A lot of mac owners I know are podcasters/content creators, artists, etc. There are non-techy people I know with macs, but there is also a strong percentage of prosumers that use macs.

For music, OSX can be pretty solid. A friend of mine is a musician and hates macs, but he still likes the music software available on OSX. He has been thinking of building a hackintosh just because of that (which might be a good route for your cousin to take, that way he can run windows, and Linux as well if he wishes).

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Gondee4583d ago

That seems very very small. And their graph is laughable.

Bolts4583d ago

Six millions, LOL. What are they selling, a video game?