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The iPhone 5 Could Feature A Fingerprint-less Surface

Apple recently applied for a patent that would make leaving fingerprints on an iOS devices screen next to impossible.

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halocursed4194d ago

That would be really awesome, but surely we don't want to patent a technology this awesome and keep it Apple exclusive.

I believe you should be allowed to patent your design which is in the case of the iPad/iPhone but this technology could be beneficial to all phone users.

codyodiodi4194d ago

Most patents aren't very productive. This one is one of them. It's kind of like people who buy a domain name with the anticipation of selling the domain name. Most startups don't have the money to buy that domain name from another person and the same is true with patents IMO.

dude_meister4192d ago

That would be pretty cool, cos my 3G is now slowly dying, so it looks like I need to upgrade.