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T-Mobile to Start Charging Overages on Low-End Data Plan

Bad news T-Mobile fans: AllThingsD just confirmed that throttling on the 200MB plan is going the way of the dodo, with the carrier opting to charge overage fees instead. Under the new entry-level plan, those exceeding their monthly allotment will face a $0.10 overage per megabyte, until their penalties reach $30 -- the capped surcharge.

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iPhone 7 already shattering sales records

T-Mobile says the iPhone 7 is already shattering sales records.

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SojournUK2777d ago

Quote from the article
“Pre-orders for Apple’s latest have already shattered sales records in the first four days, up more than x over the smash-hit iPhone 6. And Friday set a single sales record for any smartphone ever in T-Mobile US history.”

I guess the figures aren't in yet.

007Tech2777d ago

too much rich people on earth.. to waste hard earned money on these stupid Apple iPhone

Pikachuuu2777d ago

no shortage of judgmental people either. ain't it the truth ?

Speed-Racer2777d ago

First smart comment from you, Devil-X

Pikachuuu2776d ago

@Speed-Racer Hey, This is Pikachuuu here.

ZeroX98762777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Some wants simple phone without all the additional features that an Android can do. Don't blame them for loving simplicity. Most iPhone users I know only uses their phone for facebook, youtube, snapchat and instagram. Just like most Mac OSX users out there. They don't need advanced features and backward compatibility either.

My friend always says, "Let's keep those tech noob on apple platform so we don't have to deal with them" :)

terrorofdeath2776d ago

Yeah, well simplicity works for me. I have had friends with multiple problems on their Android phones, them not being able to access the Play Store, failing to update their software, etc.

madmonkey012777d ago

too many idiots that buy this junk each year

mikeslemonade2777d ago

Very much affordable. Don't need to be rich. The complainers are just too cheap.

annoyedgamer2776d ago

Typical apple sheep. Must be fun shelling out cash for extra storage.

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iTechHeads2776d ago

Probably people replacing all those exploding Samsung phones.

SunnyZ2776d ago

This is 100% scientific proof that most people are retarded.

FreddyFazbear2776d ago

I have nothing against apple or iphone. But the only issue i have with iphones is that they are too expensive!!, And in 2 years time it will become obsolete. I will just spend my 700-1,000$ on a good laptop or Desktop. If your rich then fair enough. Iphones are not cheap. Android phones are affordable and can also do all the stuff iphone can

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T-Mobile draft Wireless Customer Bill of Rights, urge nationwide adoption

T-Mobile revealed their newly drafted Wireless Customer Bill of Rights which they urge every carrier to adhere to. The company urge fans to use #TweetJohn so they can graffiti all around Verizon and AT&T headquarters.

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T-Mobile reveals BlackBerry Priv before its official launch

If you’re planning to purchase a BlackBerry Priv in the US then, you can do so by either purchasing an AT&T-carrier enabled BlackBerry Priv from AT&T or alternatively, by purchasing an unlocked version of the smartphone from the BlackBerry or Walmart store. However, T-Mobile is soon going to launch its own carrier-locked BlackBerry Priv via magenta carrier on January 26.

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