Three Awesome Non-Apple Tablets

IGN - In the market for a tablet but feel like the iPad is the wrong fit for you? We've got your back with three notable tablet alternatives.

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toaster4190d ago

"Three Horrible Non-Apple Tablets"


Honestly, the only decent one of the bunch is the Galaxy 10.1 and it isn't even running 3.2.

halocursed4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

The only reason I would buy a non-Apple tablet would be because they support flash.

Dramscus4189d ago

I won't buy anything made by apple because its prohibitively hard to get their stuff working with linux

dkgshiz4189d ago

Meh, most websites have integrated youtube support specifically intended for the ipad. I can kind of see where Apple was going with no flash. Since HTML5 will eventually take over Flash will be obsolete. Which is a good thing. Flash is just a buggy piece of software to play videos.

ChrisW4188d ago

I have the Asus EEE Slate ep121...

and it's disappointing that it didn't make the list at all... er well... that is if you don't consider the price: $1,200.