AOL Mailserver hacked, silly passwords still in use

AOL’s mail servers have been hacked, with vital database information being exposed via the page’s source code. While the hack may not be apparent on the Webmail page, the Postmaster page clearly shows some fail.

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SalvatoreLeone3561d ago

Interesting. AOL can't seem to take a hint and just leave.... :|

Speed-Racer3561d ago

I thought AOL died in a fire though. But seriously, I expected that kind of crap from them.

toaster3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

They totally deserve this though with credentials like that LOL!

fatstarr3561d ago

Seriously aol should be sued -_-...

then you have people with masters degrees homeless in the world while idiots like aol admins just kick back on the job.

I administered a better mail server in class and i wasnt taking it seriously or givin a crap about it...

seriously grj123

Speed-Racer3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

AOL is only concerned about money, I'm pretty sure they penny-pinch in every department. Not a good work culture and it already is reflecting on staff morale. I'm pretty sure those admins don't give a crap anymore.

RonyDean3561d ago

So glad I am not with AOL.

NBT913560d ago

What is a good mail host? I am still using AOL for E-Mail, though my ISP is Virgin Media... Which one do you think I should change to, because I was thinking of switching Mail to Yahoo...

toaster3560d ago

I agree with Racer, Gmail is definitely the best.

tiffac3560d ago

Wow my password is longer than what their admin used. lol!