Aircraft Company offers Real estate on Mars

Lans from TecStories writes: An aircraft company called Kulula is celebrating its tenth birthday by helping its customers claim part of a ten acre spot on Mars for future expansion! Kulula fans and customers can take part in a competition to win a plot within the kulula Mars base by suggesting a creative use for their plot.

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theonlylolking4637d ago

We are never going to colonize mars.

Jio4636d ago

Maybe not in our lifetime.

CynicalVision4636d ago

Of course we will, look how far we've come in only a couple of hundred years. We'll certainly have people there within 100 years.

Raf1k14636d ago

lol We'll be lucky to have a colony on the Moon in a hundred years.

halocursed4637d ago

This is really sketchy. I tried finding another source to this story but nothing and the title of the article[on the website] is in all CAPS...really? What year is this? 1998?

StrifeHawkins4636d ago

there is a link for more details you clearly did not read the article

Speed-Racer4636d ago

The sad part is that I had to read two other sites to understand what the airline was really offering.

hazelamy4636d ago

i doubt there's any legal basis for tany claims for land on mars, or anywhere not on earth.

i thought there were international treaties preventing people claiming ownership of land on any other planets or the moon.

Bolts4636d ago

All claims of ownership on celestial bodies is essentially garbage. You gotta be an idiot to think that any private company can grant you the title to land in space.

StrifeHawkins4636d ago (Edited 4636d ago )

I am merely reporting that the airline company is offering a piece of land on mars to prospective customers.
I even added a link
Whats so hard to comprehend?

Its an interesting concept i feel no need to elaborate more than what was done, i feel you are being difficult, just because you can. This is a light hearted article, and i understand that the airline is advertising so obviously they are joking around. But i see no real reason to elaborate further than what i have done, its more fun for people to discover what they up to.

i don't understand all your grumbling, whether i add 50 extra sentences of fluff is beyond the point.

Speed-Racer4636d ago

And that's why journalism is going down the drain, because you all don't feel the need to put out as much information about the product. Might as well you just linked us directly to the FB page and skip us having to read 3 sentences on your site.

StrifeHawkins4636d ago

Why are you ruining all the fun!
it is supposed to be mysterious and fun topic. if i had said oh Aircraft carrier Kulula tries to promote business by having fictional competition to win land on mars im imposing my views on the viewers. i want people to come to their own conclusions.

I don't spoon feed anyone. And if i feel like writing a 300 word article i will, if i feel like writing less i will. I felt i said enough for this story.