1 Gram Of Thorium Could Replace Your Gasoline Powered Car

Cody of FroogleGeek: "The price of oil will likely only keep going up as the demand increases while the supply begins to decrease. There is no doubt that the world is in a bad place right now and it will only get worse unless a replacement for oil pops up. While solar power could easily curb the worlds energy needs it doesn’t seem to attract the attention of most people, it could be because once they are installed they cost next to nothing to maintain and how can anyone profit from that?"

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theonlylolking4587d ago

Now that is awesome. I bet the first thorium powered cars would cost so much that only rich people would be able to use them. Then toyota makes a cheap thorium powered camry and everyone buys it.

zag4587d ago

I don't think it'd ever happen.

Oil isn't dead for a start, it's not declining as many people say.

What will happen is the countries you see today producing oil will be replaced by other countries that produce oil.

oil is only dear because the Arab countries run OPEC and they make it dear so they get more money on the barrels of oil that are sitting in a warehouse.

The US government keep a trillion barrels of oil in a warehouse, just in case there's a war. the USA still produces it's own oil but there's not enough oil to keep stored and also to give out to the public, it's a case of 1 or the other and the US government decides it's better to store.

There's many African countries that sell a litre of petrol for 2 cents, in fact water is dearer than petrol in these countries much the same in the Arab countries.

The problem with Thorium is you need to make a safe rector and you'd need it small enough to fit in a car, and how many people are going to give a car with a rector in it with a 20 year old and not expect them to crash it.

you'd also have the mining costs, that's not cheap.

Blaine4587d ago

By the time thorium powered cars roll out, I very much doubt we'll still be behind the wheel. Hell, I can't think of a reason why we should still be driving only a decade from now. We already have all the technology necessary for cars to drive themselves. It would be safer, and would greatly cut down on traffic, which is caused in great part by bad driving habits in the general population (like changing lanes too often). So bring on auto-piloted cars, and bring on thorium power.

Jocosta4587d ago

This guy had better be careful, others with alternative solutions to oil have ended up dead.

Etseix4587d ago

hopefully this is true, i like that idea,

thorstein4587d ago

I can't wait to start a war for Thorium./s

vegnadragon4587d ago

I don't know why the American government doesn't invest on Thorium. Specially on nuclear powered Thorium cause it doesn't have the danger of a meltdown happening.

madjedi4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

They need to research plasma reactors(wrong term perhaps), like south korea is, they use a specific ion of hydrogen deterium that is beyond abundant in sea water.

As for cars just make a gradual transition to all electric powered vehicles, the technology in that area is constantly advancing, making the batteries smaller but hold a larger charge.

As for world scale power in the future, they need to develop machines with the sole purpose of producing anti-matter and storing it, relatively cheaply and in sufficient enough quantities to power our energy hungry society.

But with a general trend of making new devices, more powerful and use less energy or more efficiently and less energy wasted, we may not need as many power plants.

While not particularly pleasant, maybe hydrogen will be the dominant fuel source so long as we are still biological creatures.


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