MySpace Was Attacked According To Founder

MySpace was attacked around 12:15 a.m. central time, and an hour later Tom Anderson, the founder of MySpace, reported that MySpace had indeed been attacked and it’s still down.

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codyodiodi4191d ago

It was a place old guys used to go to pick up 12 year old girls.

xVeZx4189d ago

i thought tom sold myspace for 500 million why isnt he on his private island chillin

codyodiodi4189d ago

He is retired but he still keeps up with tech companies, especially the one he created.

theonlylolking4189d ago

Facebook will end up like Myspace. Zuckerburg even said so himself"Facebook is the new Myspace".

cjflora4189d ago

And nobody noticed or cared...