London Riots Fallout: UK Government May Block Twitter, Facebook in Future

Gadgehit writes: "In the wake of the London riots, the UK Government are considering blocking social networks in order to prevent further violence like this again."

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dude_meister3562d ago

How is that any different from all these dictatorships blocking social network access? It's ok for us to be on our high horses and say it is wrong then, but now it is ok?

IronFist3562d ago

They should definitely do, because it is chaos in some of the major cities in the UK now. If they can't get organised, they can't start rioting, so block twitter or whatever.

Dramscus3562d ago

Is it keeping the peace or is it disabling an enemy armies communications?

gaffyh3562d ago

Maybe they shouldn't be allowed to block it, but they should at least be able to track things with criminal intent, it's easy to track on twitter with hash tags, but not really that easy on other networks.

ProGrasTiNation3560d ago

& they can block the phone & radio waves while their at it!eh??
The governments have it coming,all of them!
The second they loss control they use it to target their number 1 problems at the time,which just happens to be the internet at this given moment.

zak94ma3562d ago

that make me remember someone did this before , he even sent his army to kill people. dictatorship is a universal problem not a country or two.

GrumpyVeteran3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )


sealava3561d ago

LOL ... does the UK get its politics from the middle-east .
what a disgrace .

ForTheFallen3561d ago

Didn't Egypt literally do this exact same thing?!?!

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