Anonymous not in support of Facebook takedown

It seems there is obvious disagreement among the Anonymous clan. This comes after AnonOps and GroupAnon both stated that they are not partaking in the November 5th attack on Facebook.

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RonyDean4192d ago

HACK'EM HACK THEM GOOD!!! - Who wants bet that Facebook will have all their top men working that day?

khamvongsa094191d ago

I'm pretty sure nothing will happen..

zag4191d ago

Yeah lets hack or DDoS a site that has almost a billion users on it using it 24/7.

And you think no one will be pissed off, you try hiding from a billion+ people in the real world.

f7897904191d ago

DDos is impossible for Facebook unless someone wasted a huge zombie computer army on it. They are built for high traffic unlike government websites and blogs.

The only hacking that will go on is stealing people's accounts, but that's their own fault if they let their password get stolen.

Perkel4192d ago

yesh down with this sh*t ;)

BlackTar1874192d ago

you guys are losers.

yea evil organizations^^^^^^ tools you guys are

jonesy8524191d ago

...remember remember the 5th of November.



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