FroogleGeek: Blue Yeti Microphone Review

Cody from FroogleGeek: "One of the most overlooked factors to videos on YouTube is sound quality. People often look to upgrade their camera and tend to just settle for the built in microphone that came with their camera. Sound quality in many ways is more important than video quality though and finding a good quality microphone can be harder than finding a quality camera. Does the Blue Yeti provide good sound quality to make it worth its $100+ price tag?"

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Satellite is the first pair of wireless headphones from Blue Microphones

Audio company Blue may be more well known for its excellent studio microphones, but the company also has quietly been making its way into the headphone market for the past few years.

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CES 2014: OmniGamer - Blue Microphones reveals new Mo-Fi Headphones

OmniGamer interviews Hillary Money, Blue Microphone’s Manager of PR and Social Media, about their grand foray into the world of hi-fidelity headphones.

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NAMM 2013: Blue Microphones Nessie

RPad.TV dropped by the Blue Microphones booth at NAMM 2013 to check out the new Nessie mic. The latest USB microphone from Blue, the Nessie features the same high-quality capsule found in the company's hugely popular Yeti microphone, but in an adaptive model that's easy for anyone to use. The various adaptive modes are fantastic for people that don't want to worry about EQ, levels, and balance, but still want great sound. The Nessie also has a pop filter and shock mount to help users achieve clear sound. It will be available in the first half of 2013 for $99.