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Tokyoflash's Kisai 3D Unlimited watch turns time into a colorful ice cube

Engadget - The folks over at Tokyoflash tend to come up with some pretty inscrutable watches, but their latest creation, the Kisai 3D Unlimited, looks refreshingly... simple. Its cube-like, "3D" time display may not be conventional, but its mirrored LCD doesn't require a degree in cryptology, either (the time displayed above is 12:34. See it?).

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A $100 Watch Can Tell If You’ve Had Too Much To Drink

TechCrunch: The Japanese watch company Tokyoflash has long turned heads with their odd (if unreadable) designs but in a first they’ve added a breathalyzer to their Kisai watch, thereby allowing you to see just how drunk you’ve gotten at la Jetée.

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In2iti0n3959d ago

I think he was already drunk before he started to test the product.

Nucky3958d ago

This is what I needed for a while now.


Tokyoflash's cryptography-inspired Kisai X watch tells time via pyramid lens, LED lights

Engadget - Tokyoflash, maker of highly conceptual, anything-but-your-average-wris twatch products like the Kisai OTO and the Kisai Maru, is outing its latest device: the Kisai X. Like many of the company's timepieces, the X is the result of fan submissions. In this case, it was co-designed by Firdaus Rohman and Heather Sable, who clearly were inspired by cryptography.

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profgerbik4063d ago

Dang I am all about Casio watches but these are quite cool.