Windows Phone 'Tango' to be Microsoft's lower price-point operating system?

ZDnet - Until today, I’ve said nothing on my blog about Tango — the Windows Phone operating system release supposedly slated to arrive after Mango but before “Apollo” (Windows Phone 8). The reason? I couldn’t find any of my trusted contacts who had heard of Tango.


Windows Phone Tango rolls out in China March 21st

MobileBliss: The Tango update for Windows Phone will officially roll out in China on March 21st.A Western date can't be too far off.

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Microsoft details full Windows Phone 'Tango' 256MB RAM device limitations

The Verge - Microsoft revealed its Windows Phone "Tango" engineering effort at MWC last week, but the company was fairly vague on the exact restrictions for its new low-memory devices. Nokia and ZTE will be the first device manufacturers to launch Windows Phones with just 256MB of RAM, but there will be restrictions for end users and developers.

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TechRadar - Hands on: Windows Phone Tango

TechRadar - Microsoft is going after the cash-strapped smartphone segment with its newly relaxed, less specification-demanding Windows Phone Tango build.

Companies like Nokia and ZTE have been quick to get in on the act, with the Nokia Lumia 601 and ZTE Orbit both announced at MWC 2012 and intended to mop up some of the low-to-mid tier phone customers around.

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