Apple surpasses ExxonMobil as most valuable company in the world

TNW - "Apple has, at least for the moment, taken the place of Exxon Mobile as the most valuable company in the world, measured by market cap, reports MacRumors. Apple’s market cap hit $341.55 billion in valuation today, while ExxonMobil was valued at $341.42 billion."

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fatstarr2625d ago

smh the economy is goin to sht when people would rather buy an apple product than to pay their rent... i have seen it happen multiple times with people i know.

smh let me end my rant here before i get pissed.

fatstarr2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I dont own any apple products.
I dont even have itunes
I won an ipod in a raffle and I sold it to a friend instantly.