China Blocked WP7 Marketplace?

WPSauce - Well, guess most of us know that China always wants to control its entire web traffic. It doesn't want its netizens to see what's "not proper" by the government standard, thus sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook are all blocked by the national internet filter dubbed the "Great Firewall", or "GFW" in short. Along with popular SNS sites there are countless .au, .jp, .tw and .hk domain sites blocked for no apparent reason.


Android leads World Smartphone Market, WP makes growth: Kantar

TechPrezz: There have been several smartphone OSs in the past few years and the competition between these OSs is very tight across the globe. The Market analyst company Kantar Worldpanel has made a survey on these smartphones and their global market growth in the past three months ending in April.

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Windows Phone Fans: City Gossip Review

City Gossip on the Windows Phone Marketplace offers a Location-based social network. Complete with posts, photo sharing, favorites, and personalized profiles. By basing their community on city-location the news stays local and relevant. This review was written by Paul Neafsey on WindowsPhoneFans.com website.

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