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FBI Release a Child ID iOS App

Gadgehit writes: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation have released an iOS app, compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which attempts to help you if your child goes missing. The FBI Child ID app allows you to store information relating to your children such as height and weight, and photos of them, so that you can easily access and provide the information to police officers when needed."

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IronFist4199d ago

With the amount of phones that get stolen every year, this is not the best app in terms of security.

gaffyh4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

Yeah it's a shocking oversight by the FBI.

Speed-Racer4199d ago

Ya well how that is possible? If it's locked, how will a thief access it? -.-

gaffyh4199d ago

Depends if people lock their phone I guess, which I rarely do because don't want to have to enter a key every time I unlock the phone. I only usually put the code on when I'm going out, but even then I forget sometimes. If you're always locking it though, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Speed-Racer4199d ago

Set a timed lock. Simple as that. It's your kid, you can call the shot on them.

halocursed4198d ago

True I believe the app will have its own password too.

SITH4199d ago

It is when I can go to any computer and locate or wipe out (brick) my iphone.

krauley4199d ago

Thank goodness for the fact that they didnt make an app for android phones, those peoples kids arent worth worrying about. /s

Speed-Racer4199d ago

I'm hoping your reason is because they are too smart to get kidnapped, right?

krauley4198d ago

Droid 1 users atm. And i was in a foul mood when i first posted, i have a 7 year old girl that is my treasure and if anything happened to her i wouldnt exist anymore. I took the article unseriously but i dont wish any children to ever go missing. I shouldnt have joked on this subject.

thorstein4198d ago

I also have kids and I think your sarcasm is well placed. I have Droid X. Why shouldn't I be able to use the same app?