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Universal 3D Glasses Incoming as TV Makers Push for Active 3D Standard

Gadgehit writes: "3D is here to stay it seems, as Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are attempting to make active 3D into a standard. Unlike other 3D methods, active 3D requires glasses with batteries, and the problem with these glasses is that they are all unique to each manufacturer. However, a new deal between the three TV makers and a third-party glasses firm means that we will be seeing universal 3D glasses soon."

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IronFist4199d ago

Would be great if this means cheaper glasses, because I would need loads for my family, when I eventually get a 3D TV that is.

shinrock4198d ago

well panasonic has to sell their batteries too. assholes.

lalalala4199d ago

No doubt this is because of Sony's PS TV, cos i remember them saying that any active glasses would work

gaffyh4199d ago

I'm just glad to see that they're actually starting to think about the consumer a little rather than their own pockets.

evrfighter4199d ago

Ya thats it. Thats exactly what they're thinking.

never mind the fact that 3d has ben going nowhere lately. just a gimmick thats dying a slow painful death

gaffyh4199d ago

I didn't say that that was ONLY what they're thinking. Of course they want to expand the market and then make more money.

FriedGoat4198d ago

I hope this means that my TV will be able to use the Dual View functionality because its literally the glasses that prevent it.

JoGam4198d ago

@ Evrfighter....Yeah just like HD was a gmimmick huh? /s

shinrock4198d ago

if that was the case,they would make regular classes in stead of the high cost active classes standard.

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dude_meister4199d ago

biggest problem with these tvs is that they cost way too much for a normal person to buy. for the price of a 3dtv, you could get a really good and big led tv, and toshiba's glass-less tech looks like it might lead the way in the future, because it has 8 viewpoints.

JoGam4198d ago

Dont worry about the price. Remember when HDTV's came out they were expensive. In fact my first HDTV was a flat panel, at 1080i / 720p for $3,800. About a year later that same TV was around $999. Just like HDTV's price drop the same will happen for 3D TV's. Everyone will have a 3D TV in there home within the next few years. 3D will be standard like HD became standard.

fatstarr4199d ago

its still a dead standard b4 2x and 4x hd come out...
ill save my money because already people have wasted too much money on 3d tvs and getting new types of glasses every time they come out... 2013/14 needs to come quicker

Ngai4198d ago

What about passive 3d like LG and cinema. Triest cinema 3d last weekend and wa
sn't that bad!

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