Could An SSD Be The Best Upgrade For Your Old PC?

Tom's Hardware: It's a foregone conclusion that SSDs are must-haves in performance-oriented PCs, but our testing reveals that solid-state drives are reasonable upgrades in older mainstream machines, too. We build three old boxes to gauge the impact of an SSD on each.

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gaffyh4705d ago

I really do want to upgrade, but my biggest issue with it is the price. SSDs cost way too much, for way too little space. Once the price goes down, I'll upgrade my PC with SSDs

fatstarr4705d ago

i found out recently that a ssd upgrade of your os drive can decrease loading times and make your comp quicker. i would just get a 100gb ssd or something around the area their prices are dropping.

outwar60104704d ago

tooo expensive just better to buy a new pc lol i got an awesome acer predator for £400 which is around about the price of a 256 gig ssd


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