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The Army Didn’t Bother Testing 5 Million Bulletproof Body Plates

When you're in a warzone, it's nice to take the slightest comfort in knowing that someone tested the armor you have strapped to your chest, crotch, and arms. But according to a new Pentagon report, the Army botched it hard.


Tesla is recalling almost every vehicle it's sold in the U.S.

Just one day after the California DMV filed to take Tesla to court, over 2 million Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y vehicles are being recalled.

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Unafraidworm117d ago

Glad to see Chris at Acceleramota is an idiot and loves to spread misinformation. This so called “recall” was just an update that was sent out to certain Tesla models and year.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Using An Amendment To A Bill Which Ends Army's Controversial Twitch Channel

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is keen to break to the platform that would forbid the military from using funds to "maintain a presence on

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TikTok is banned by US Army

TikTok is now seen as a potential security risk to U.S. national security, so it is banned and soldiers have been asked to remove the app from their service phones immediately. In mid-December, US Department of Defense reversed its ratings for Chinese music app because they thought the app can be used for spying and US Navy banned it accordingly, even though couple months ago they were getting its help to recruit soldiers.

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